Sunday, 21 January 2018

A very sunny Queens Park

Last week I visited our beautiful Queens Park to practise taking some photos with my camera which I don't use as much as I should and I was pleasantly surprised to find a huge display of the most colourful sunflowers which I had never seen before in this park. Mind you, since my children have grown up I rarely visit apart from during the Carnival of Flowers which incidentally is being held from the 21-30 September 2018.  I know there are lots of grey nomads who are visiting our region at that time so you might like to slot those dates into your yearly planner.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Some great workshops on herbs and slow clothing coming up at Simple Living Toowoomba

Our Simple Living Toowoomba workshops recommence next month on Saturday 17th February when local herbologist, Josh Neideck, will share about how to grow herbs, how to use them medicinally and what herbs grow well locally. 

Then on the 3rd March Jane Milburn, author of Slow Clothing: Finding meaning in what we wear, will explain what the concept of  'slow clothing' is. Jane's book was based on five years of her journey into natural fibres and upcycling and was launched in Sydney by Craig Reucassel who was the presenter of the War on Waste series on the ABC last year. 

Used with permission:Textile Beat

Used with permission: Textile Beat 
These two workshops should be very popular so make sure you book in so that we know how many are coming along. Normally our workshops are on the third Saturday of the month but Jane has a very busy itinerary and she could fit us in on the 3rd March but we will be back to normal in April.

This year instead of swapping up to five handmade or homegrade items we will have a 'gifting table' so if anyone has excess produce, 'Ugly Duckling' soap like I have sometimes or something else you would like to share please bring it along but it would be appreciated if you take it home with you if it hasn't gone by the end of the meeting. That makes it easier for those of us who clean up the venue afterwards.

Margy has put the information for the workshops on the Simple Living Toowoomba website but here it is as well for those who might be interested in coming along as I know some Brisbaneites often make the trip up the Range for our workshops.

February and March 2018

Herb Workshop

Date: 17 February
Time: 10-12 noon
Cost: $5
Where: Range Christian Fellowship, 15 Blake St, Wilsonton 
What:  Toowoomba herbologist and trained horticulturalist, Josh, will be giving us tips and advice on how to grow herbs, what herbs grow well in our area and how to use herbs for medicinal purposes.

RSVP: 14 February.

A Slow Clothing Conversation

Date: 3 March (please note this is earlier in the month and not our usual 3rd Saturday)
Time: 10-12 noon
Cost: $10
Where: Range Christian Fellowship, 15 Blake St, Wilsonton 

What:  Slow Clothing is the antithesis of fast fashion.

It is a way of thinking about, choosing and wearing clothes so they bring value, meaning and joy to everyday. We consider the substance of clothing as part of an holistic approach to living lightly on Earth.

Join us for a conversation with social entrepreneur Jane Milburn about how to get the best out of existing clothes.

Jane is the author of a new book, Slow Clothing: finding meaning in what we wear.
It was launched by ABC-TV's War on Waste crusader Craig Reucassel late last year.

Bring along a few garments you are holding on to, but not wearing, and we will discuss options to upcycle them (and implement within the timeframe).
Alternatively bring along garments that need mending or minor adjustments to extend their wearable life.

Check out Jane, her book and her work at and watch her TEDxQUT talk at 

RSVP: 31 February 

We are planning more great workshops for 2018 and quite probably will have another rag rug workshop which is always hugely popular.

In Queensland school starts back next Monday on the 22nd January so it's goodbye to the Christmas holidays as families will be back into the school routine for another year. If you are a local or live in the region do come along to one or all of our workshops as it is great to meet up with others who are interested in simple living. It should be a good year.

A big welcome to those who have started following my blog on Bloglovin' lately. Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Plodding along.

I was going to name this post 'Puddling along' but the online dictionary tells me there needs to be water involved and there is certainly no water, as in rain, around here at the moment. It has just been hot, hot hot!  The older I get the less I can function in the heat for some reason.

The rain we did have before the heat set in made the kikuyu grow overnight and areas I finished weeding a couple of weeks ago are now full of weeds once again and it is much too hot to be outside pulling them out. It seems that the rest of the bloggers around the world have hit the ground running and are well and truly organised for the year and making this and that and decluttering and so on. Not so in this neck of the woods as all I seem to have achieved in the crafting world is one button necklace.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Some tips for new soapmakers

Judging by the comments on my last post about the Aloe and Cucumber Soap there seem to be a few readers who are interested in making their first batch of soap this year. I have been thinking about ways to do that frugally in case it turns out that those beginners didn't enjoy the process so here are a few tips so that you don't have too much expenditure.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Aloe Vera and Cucumber Soap

I have been wanting to make Cucumber soap for quite a while but waited till we had some growing in the garden. As we now have quite a few Suyo Long Cucumbers grown from seeds bought from Green Harvest it was the perfect opportunity to make up a batch based on a recipe in Jan Berry's book Simple and Natural Soapmaking.


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